Universal Graphics Case Studies


The challenge:
Launch a major pharmaceutical drug in 20 days over the Christmas holiday. There were 45 different pieces that
needed to be printed, shipped to the meeting site, as well as distribution to the sales reps’ homes.
The solution:
Universal Graphics spearheaded this project and produced the following for the launch meeting:
– 1,300,000 printed marketing pieces
– 400,000 sample trays
– 2,260,000 package inserts (PIs)
– 275,887 digital impressions
– 4,100 individual shipments
– 164 bulk shipments
The result:
Launch pieces were finished ahead of schedule with a savings of 1.2 million dollars.
“The CiproXR Launch – A JOB WELL DONE! As I sit back and breathe (I have to do that once in awhile), I
wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU all for your hard work and dedication. We could not have done
this without you. When we look at all the fantastic pieces you have helped prepare/print/stick/fold/
pack/glue/reglue/etc., it is a feat that will go unmatched!!! Well Done and Thank You”
– Jonathan Harris
Former Director, Cipro XR, Bayer HealthCare


The challenge:
A healthcare company’s Managed Market group needed a faster and more cost-effective system for creating
customized pull-through marketing tools. In the past, when an account was won, it would take 6-8 weeks to
have customized marketing materials approved through the legal/regulatory approval process.
The solution:
Universal Graphics provided the sales force with an on-line store to customize and order their pull-through
materials. Users can choose from a variety of pre-approved templates and statements to create and see their
customized pieces in real time. We designed the site, trained the sales force, and set up templates and
procedures for corporate approval.
The result:
Pull-through materials are typically approved within one day, go to print and are generally received within five
days of the order being approved. Since the introduction of the Digital Store Front, this company is producing
over 20,000 customized pieces a month based on a variety of templates for multiple products, all unique to
their clients.