Healthcare Marketing

Universal Graphics is your marketing support partner throughout a product’s life cycle. From clinical trial, to launch, to post-launch activities.

  • Our key staff members have worked in marketing, product development, and on launch teams for major pharmaceutical companies prior to joining Universal.
  • We have been helping clients for more than 25 years with meeting materials, PowerPoint slide coordination, scientific posters, and handouts.
  • Managed Markets – We have been supporting Managed Markets groups for more than 25 years. Our clients rely on us for launch materials, customized pull-through items, e-training newsletters, mass mailings, training materials, and monograph production and printing.
  • Our goal is to help your Managed Markets team get their message to market quickly. Learn how a major pharmaceutical company used the Digital Store Front for getting their message out faster.
  • Looking for a way to train your sales force or staff on basic computer skills (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)? Then talk to us about our series of e-training newsletters that are based on our Digital Tips e-newsletter.
  • We can help you produce printed documents that facilitate more direct, personalized contact with each recipient.
  • Universal’s systems are streamlined and all-digital. Finished documents can be ready as needed in hours – not days.

Healthcare Compliance

Universal Graphics is your partner for legal and regulatory support for a product’s life cycle.
Our staff has worked with clients for years to design bottles, cartons, labels, and package/product inserts.

  • Product Labels and Inserts
    Universal Graphics’ in-house Product Development and Regulatory Labeling Division manage all aspects of product labeling, assuring that each component is in accordance with requirements set forth in CFR Title 21 and in compliance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requirements.
  • Regulatory Tracking
    We know that regulatory tracking and reporting are essential aspects of any compliance program. We maintain version control on-line and off-line as well as a full paper trail of all communications about your product.
  • Product Packaging
    Our staff are experts at creating product packaging. We have the creative skill to make it identifiable and know what is required by the FDA to be compliant. We offer advice and guidance to teams with new products coming to market.

Customized Marketing Tools

The challenge:
A healthcare company’s Managed Market group needed a faster and more cost-effective system for creating customized pull-through marketing tools. In the past, when an account was won, it would take 6-8 weeks to have customized marketing materials approved through the  legal/regulatory approval process.
The solution:
Universal Graphics provided the sales force with an on-line store to customize and order their pull-through materials. Users can choose from a variety of pre-approved templates and statements to create and see their
customized pieces in real time. We designed the site, trained the sales  force, and set up templates and procedures for corporate approval.
The result:
Pull-through materials are typically approved within one day, go to print and are generally received within five days of the order being approved. Since the introduction of the Digital Store Front, this company is producing over 20,000 customized pieces a month based on a variety of templates for multiple products, all unique to their clients.

Quick Launch

The challenge:
Launch a major pharmaceutical drug in 20 days over the Christmas holiday. There were 45 different pieces that needed to be printed, shipped to the meeting site, as well as distribution to the sales reps’ homes.

The solution:
Universal Graphics spearheaded this project and produced the following  for the launch meeting:
– 1,300,000 printed marketing pieces
– 400,000 sample trays
– 2,260,000 package inserts (PIs)
– 275,887 digital impressions
– 4,100 individual shipments
– 164 bulk shipments

The result:
Launch pieces were finished ahead of schedule with a savings of 1.2 million dollars.

“The CiproXR Launch – A JOB WELL DONE! As I sit back and breathe (I have to do that once in awhile), I wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU all for your hard work and dedication. We could not have done this without you. When we look at all the fantastic pieces you have helped prepare/print/stick/fold/pack/glue/reglue/etc., it is a feat that will go unmatched!!! Well Done  and Thank You”

– Jonathan Harris
Former Director, Cipro XR, Bayer HealthCare

Large Format Printing

Our large-format staff has years of experience in the field and will give your job the personal attention it deserves.
We can print up to 10 feet wide on a large variety of materials – from high quality photo gloss paper, to weather resistant vinyl, to peel-and-stick panels, and wall coverings.

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Building/Vehicle Wraps
  • Window Signs
  • Static or LoTac
  • Wall Coverings

Think big and talk to us about creating wall coverings for your office or trade show, banners for sponsorships of sporting events, posters, sale signs, product announcements, or building/vehicle wraps to make your message go big.